NEW Folklore Fabric Printed Tote Bag

My Folklore Fabric Tote Bags measure a generous 42.4cm in length, 47.5 in width and 10cm in depthThese cheery colourful cotton Tote Bags are also a real colour tonic to counteract any dreary April days!The woven patterns in the Folklore Fabric can be found in designs throughout our everyday lives, in textiles, interiors and also in architecture so they have a reassuring familiarity to them.

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NEW Folklore Fabric Tote Bag

Folklore Fabric is unique to my shop and was an exciting collaboration between myself, as the designer, Richard MR Smith, a master weaver and talented folk at Weisters Mill in Darwen, Lancashire. Since I have only a few Folklore Fabric cushions remaining, I evolved my Folklore Fabric into a useful reusable roomy cotton Tote Bag, ideal for all your shopping purchases, or to keep your daily jetsam and flotsam in when you are out and about.

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