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The baby and kids quilts on this page are listed in chronological order. Scroll down to see all the differing designs;

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Emma asked me to stitch a memory quilt from the clothes of her children. Here’s what Emma wrote on receiving Charlotte and Matthew’s quilts; They have arrived and are amazing, thank you so much!! May just keep them for myself ha ha! Thank you for everything, it has been a fantastic experience and I am so pleased with the quilts.  I knew they would be fantastic quality, they are even better in real life so to speak!  They are so neat. Thank you for all of your hard work.


Shaazia asked me to assist her in finishing a quilt she had started for her daughter Sara, who has recently turned 10 years old. The patchwork quilt is stitched with Sara’s baby clothes. Following a email discussion and on seeing Shaazia’s stitched quilt, I added several more rows of patches to enlarge Sara’s quilt, so it now will fit Sara’ new double bed and crucially continue to be used as she grows up. Here is Shaazia’s e-mail on receiving Sara’s new quilt; Hello Lisa, Here are some pics of the quilt in situ. It has been proudly displayed by Sara everyday since we got it 🙂 I wanted to thank you once again, as this has been a project close to my heart. Each year it would come out of storage and I would attempt to finish it, but would eventually stop because of the lack of confidence, and I didn’t want to ruin it. It brings me so much heartfelt happiness each time I look at it, and has been finished so well. (Very very far from what I would have achieved if I had persisted). So a huge thank you to you!  I will be highly recommending your services to friends and family! Have a lovely day and best of luck! Warm regards, Shaazia.


Carolyn asked me to stitch her two Granddaughters a patchwork quilt each using their baby clothes. It is always a delight to work with cute baby clothes to create patchwork quilts that will then be enjoyed and used for many moons. Here’s what Carolyn wrote; Janine and Nicola now have their quilts and both really love them, it was lovely to see them going over each square and the memory that each one has, it brought a tear to my eye! I’m quite sure that they will both be treasured for many years to come, thank you for creating such beautiful quilts.


Two bespoke patchwork quilts for Victoria’s two boys using all their early years clothes. Each quilt is colourful and distinctly unique with charming individual images, although both boys definitely liked Thunderbirds…Here’s what Victoria wrote on receiving her boy’s quilts; The quilts arrived on Monday – Tuesday was actually my eldest’s birthday (spaceman quilt!) and I gave him his quilt as an extra present. Queue tears of emotion as he LOVED it so much. Then Joseph (tractor quilt) descended into tears as he didn’t have one – when I produced his for him he couldn’t quite cope and sobbed and sobbed because it was “so perfect”. Needless to say we adore them! Have been trying to get their rooms a bit straighter so you can have decent photos – but haven’t quite managed it!  Am sorry! But I will forward soon. Even my husband (who hates anything pretty!) thinks they are mega! WHAT a talent you have!!! Am completely over the moon! Vx  


A baby quilt, (part of two mini patchwork quilts) commissioned as a sweet surprise, packed with memorable fabrics, photos and embroidery to celebrate a 40th birthday and an impending baby… BABY UPDATE: baby Gemma arrived on Friday 14th May, all is well and she is a real cutie x


Jayne wished me to stitch a quilt for her soon to be born granddaughter. Since when I was making this, we were all in lock-down, I was happy to delve into my fabric stash to stitch soon to be born baby Ivy’s patchwork cot quilt.


Camilla wished me to stitch a quilt for her new niece that she can grow into, so this Irish Chain and Sawtooth Star patchwork quilt fits a double bed! Traditional block patchwork quilts are not my normal patchwork of choice, but with the current Covid-19 pandemic lockdown these are not normal times and I am extremely thankful to be still stitching.  As with all of my bespoke commissions I enjoy the challenge of creating a truly unique patchwork quilt that is just right for every individual.

Here’s what Camilla said; Lisa has made a beautiful quilt, which is waiting for the birth of a first child. Being able to choose fabric, and pattern, with Lisa, has been a fantastic experience and the quilt is stunning. Lisa also sent daily photos as she made the quilt which we looked forward to! Thank you Lisa’


The saying goes; If life throws you scraps stitch them into a quilt. I have been using up my fabric scraps to stitch a patchwork baby quilt for a friend’s son and his girlfriend. This is the first of my friends to become a Granny!


Gabrielle wished a baby quilt stitching for her good friend’s new baby. What made this baby quilt so special were the hand embroidered panels stitched by friends & family. On receiving her quilt Gabrielle e-mailed; The quilt is absolutely gorgeous!! I really love it! And thank you for the matching bag, that’s such a lovely touch!I can’t wait to give it to my friend!


Rebecca got in touch asking me to make her a cot quilt  I wanted to gift my best friend a special present to celebrate the arrival of her daughter and thought about using my bridesmaids dress as material for a quilt. I had no idea where to start with this process or if it was even possible. I found lisa on google and she has been so helpful throughout. I live oversees and so it was difficult for us to chat about what i wanted but she accommodated this with a lot of patience. As I didn’t really know what I was wanting she offered great suggestions and I trusted her opinion throughout. She has created a beautiful quilt which I’m sure will be treasured. Thanks Lisa! Congratulations to both Rebecca & her BBF on the their new babies x


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Thanks to @lisawatso for the most fabulous quilt ever. Isn’t it gorgeous!!! And in my favourite colour…Green!
@CMBoggianno – June 9

I bought Lisa’s ‘sunshine yellow velvet and subtle blues, browns and greys Harris Tweed, quilt. Just love the fabrics, colour combinations and the workmanship is superb.

Oh my, my, my! Lisa, what a beautiful thing you create! They are heavenly beautiful! Simply, I am glad I came across your work and brought them!!!

I am so pleased with my beautiful quilt. The colours are lovely and they tone in really well with our bedroom colours.

Lisa is very proud of her quilts and justifiably so. I have never seen any like them, photos do not do them justice.


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