Hand Stitched Patchwork Quilt Commissions

Personalised patchwork quilt commissions are always welcome.

Lisa's quilts use snippets of fabric that are distinctly personal to the quilt's recipient to create a heirloom piece as a memento of a special event or memorable time in your life.

All personalised patchwork quilts are hand finished stitched to the highest standard by Lisa Watson.

If you would like to have a unique patchwork quilt made, contact Lisa today to discuss your ideas.

Lisa will work with you to design a memory quilt to the size & style that fits you & your home.

  • Your memory quilt will be truly unique to you, hand finished and stitched to last so to become an heirloom piece.
  • A quilt 200cm by 150cm with a design that isn’t too complex will take on average 20 to 25 hours to sew and will cost around £500 to £550.
  • A quilt commission will take up to maximum 6-8 weeks to stitch from the mutually agreed stitching starting date.

Bespoke Patchwork Jacket Made to Order

.By Lisa Watson (that’s Me!) can stitch you a bespoke patchwork jacket using your stash of fabrics. Or, I can also source fabrics for your jacket if you wish me to? An added option is to have your patchwork jacket interlined with organic batting I use in my quilts and quilted too! I have adapted a Clothkits reversible boxy jacket pattern which can be stitched in size 8 to size 18. Just Contact Lisa to discuss your bespoke patchwork jacket, or visit my Quilt Shop for additional details.

Quilted Quilts

Taking inspiration from my original Quilted Shirt Quilts, I have reintroduced my designs for concentric and geometric quilting patterns and added a new vermicelli pattern too! (all stitched for me on a long arm quilter by Dastardly Line) These quilted patterns can be used for your Bespoke Quilt, or you can choose from the many quilted patterns available.

A replica quilt for Mark's missus;

Mark asked me to stitch a replica, updated quilt for his wife, as the original quilt stitched by her mother was much loved, but rather worn. With the able assistance and long arm quilting talents of Deborah at Dastardly Line, the 80's embroidered bow fabric has been replicated and Mark's wife has a retro, but 'new' quilt to enjoy:

Repurposing a patchwork duvet cover into a quilt;

Emma was interested in commissioning a quilt made from some old 'family fabrics' - some existing patchwork - cushion covers and a piece that was a duvet cover. In the end I used the duvet cover, which includes charmingly faded vintage fabrics, (that could be Laura Ashley?), already stitched into a patchwork, tidied up with a linen border added. And here is Emma's 'new' patchwork quilt;

A wedding cushion for Ian and Teresa

Ian wished me to upcycle the beautiful ties of his father and Teresa's father to create a commemorative cushion to place the rings on during their wedding ceremony. A Dresden Plate Patchwork design was chosen for this special commission and their names, plus the wedding date were embroidered in a similar font used at their wedding in Italy;

Rugby Cushions for Jill's husband and Father in law

Jill got in touch to ask me to stitch two patchwork cushions using the rugby shirts that her husband has worn as a long supporter of Wigan Warriors Rugby League Team. And here are the finished cushions;

A Quilt to celebrate Elise's Travels

Elise has been collecting patches from all the places she has visited to date and wished me to stitch them onto a celebratory Travel Quilt. Following some research and discussion, we decided on the following quilt layout and design to showcase perfectly Elise's Travels;

Vintage Hexagon Quilt added to to create a new Patchwork Quilt for Caroline

Caroline asked me to use her ma's beautiful hand stitched mini-hexagon patchwork quilt and combine a colourful collection of fabrics collected on her travels, to stitch into a much bigger, but equally delicious patchwork quilt;

Thank you Lisa. I have called it my retirement quilt! It is really precious and will be enjoyed by the future generation. We love it especially with the hexagonal patchwork going across the bed, then we can see more of your work. Completely in love with it xx

Final Bespoke Quilt Commission of 2022

Alex's dad asked me to use just some of Alex's many band T-shirts to stitch a patchwork quilt in time for Alex's birthday on Christmas Day I'm hoping Alex will be thrilled with his surprise birthday gift (He was 🙂 )

Vintage dressing gowns stitched into a patchwork quilt for Sarah

Sarah wished me to stitch her a patchwork quilt using a Japanese embroidered kimono and an early 20th century silk dressing gown. Such beautiful fabrics to work with, complimented by linen and chambray fabrics to create Sarah's truly unique and bespoke patchwork quilt. I then used remaining snippets of Sarah's precious fabrics to stitch several cushions too!

A 'Quilt' Made From Saddle Clothes

Hayley first contacted me asking for her favourite horses saddle clothes to be stitched into a quilt, but as the fabric was so thick, the solution was to stitch saddle clothes patches onto a blanket for her. On receiving her new blanket, Hayley sent me a sweet hand written card saying...

Thank you for all your hard work, skill, knowledge and passion throughout the process. It is something I will cherish forever.

Bespoke Ghanaian Lost Wax Fabric Quilt

Nikki and Derris asked me to work with them to create some quilted throws from their beautiful Ghanaian lost wax fabric. Here are the joyful results...

A Bird & Leaf Folklore Fabric Quilt

Ian got in touch again two years after buying his ruby red 2m length of Bird & Leaf Folklore Fabric to ask me to adapt it into two special 60 by 30cm cushions and a rather beautiful unique quilted throw. Here's what Ian said about his quilt & cushion commission...

Lisa explained the process and options available and kept me informed  of progress resulting in a superb unique quilt and cushions which will be a joy to use for many years to come. Thanks again, Regards, Ian.

A Quilt Inspired By A 30 Year Old American Quilt

Lewis asked me to stitch a new quilt to replace one brought in America nearly 30 years ago on his honeymoon. The inspiration for the design and colours came from the original American quilt, plus an autumnal 'New England in The Fall' vibe. I'm hoping Lewis and his wife's new quilt will be enjoyed and used for as least as long as their original quilt.

Amal's Gift To The People Of Manchester

So thrilled to be asked to stitch together Little Amal's patchwork blanket as a gift from the people of Manchester when she arrived at her new home. Ibukin Baldwin is the talented artist who worked with several groups of adults, all who have experience of asylum seeking &/or as a refugee to the UK to create and decorate this beautiful and unique patchwork blanket. More details of Little Amal, her journey from Syria to Manchester and her patchwork blanket can be found here

A Quilt To Celebrate Kates BIG Birthday

Kate wished a bespoke quilt stitching to celebrate a BIG birthday and make use of the joyous colour pop of printed cottons she had accumulated linked to special family memories. The result is a zinging joyous patchwork quilt that as Kate commented on Instagram...

So glad it's been cheering up your lockdown Lisa, it looks fantastic! Very inspiring to know that beauty can come out of adverse times x

Precious Fabric Scraps Turned Into A Beautiful Patchwork Cushion

Ruth asked me to use some precious fabric scraps that belonged to her father to stitch a patchwork cushion full of sweet memories for her.

Thankyou so much, my cushion is amazing xx

A Single Duvet Cover Turned Into A Double Sized Patchwork Quilt

Zoe asked me to take her single bed sized Margo Selby for Habitat duvet cover and convert it into a double bed sized patchwork quilt. Using some sweet pink gingham linen fabric from Merchant&Mills, plus a snippet of Indian printed Paisley pattern I used in her mother's 70th birthday celebratory quilt that I stitched a couple of years ago, the finished quilt patchwork looks perfect, (& does fit rather well with my King-size Margo Selby for Habitat duvet cover too!) don't you think?

A Recovered Patchwork Quilt

A lost quilt that was found! I had offered to stitch my mum a patchwork quilt for her 80th birthday later this year, but when rummaging recently in her wooden kist (Scots for trunk-chest) I found a forgotten patchwork quilt I had given her 10+ years ago. Turns out this patchwork quilt now is just the ticket and sweetly includes fabrics from her Auntie Bronte who recently passed (although she did make it v.nearly to her 93rd birthday) and lots more fabric snippets besides, including my mother's much loved curtain fabric and Grayson Perry Liberty prints...

A Quilt Made From Fabric Remnants & Golden Lily Curtain Fabric

Trish asked me to use all her sunny fabric remnants, including some delicious vintage Golden Lily curtain fabric by William Morris, to stitch into a joyful new quilt for her.

A Unique, Retro Patchwork Cushion

Jane asked me to stitch her a patchwork cushion from her cherished vintage fabric scraps, including original Laura Ashley printed cottons. The finished patchwork cushion is wholly unique and delightfully retro.

A Patchwork Picture Made From Geraldine's Late Hosbands Shirts

Such a sweet, poignant commission for Geraldine who wished her husband's shirts used to create a patchwork picture with a Swift appliqued onto it, as this was her husbands nick-name.

Lisa worked with me to create a framed picture quilt from my late husbands shirts which now hangs in my home and makes me smile every day. She came to my house and the design and concept emerged from our discussions and she sensitively translated those into this unique and personal piece of art.

A Quilted Bedspread With French Textile Artist Centerpiece

Pleased to share with you my latest quilt commission. This quilted bedspread has a silk fabric piece by French textile artist @aurore.pelisson as its centerpiece, edged with grey linen with a piped edge & backing fabric in brushed cotton shirting and is quilted with upside down mother of pearl buttons. My aim was to use fabrics to compliment and maintain integrity of silk textile and importantly to work with Gavin and his partner to stitch them the quilted bedspread they wished. Here's what Gavin said about his new quilt...

I had a piece of silk that I wanted to make something of, and decided on a quilt.  The process was painless. I knew nothing about quilting when I placed the commission, but Lisa communicated clearly, and laid out options, giving her advice along the way. The end result is what we wanted. The colours of the other fabrics, and the use of buttons, suggested by Lisa, work beautifully and complement our fabric perfectly. The quilt arrived well within the estimated time, and pleasantly less than the estimated cost.

A Bespoke Monochromatic Patchwork Quilt

I am thrilled how well this monochromatic patchwork quilt looks. Joe & Rachel wished a cool grey lightweight summer patchwork quilt to keep any nighttime chills at bay, so I used a mixture of cottons, including some Japanese fabrics which reminded me of my recent adventures. Happy Days. Here's what Rachel wrote about her quilt...

Our requirement was for a quilt to use as a cooler way (in every-way) to sleep under during in the summer months – our duvet being too hot and bulky.  We have always admired Lisa’s work and commissioned her to make one for us.  It was a great pleasure and fun to work with her from briefing, to choosing fabrics to seeing the finished quilt – and we love the result.

2 Dresden Patchwork Quilts For Susan

Susan Harrison contacted me to stitch two Dresden patchwork quilt cushions for her mother using some of her late father’s ties. Following discussions on colour and design I stitched two traditional with a contemporary twist  cushions. Susan tweeted...

Thank you @lisawatso for fabulous cushions incorporating my Dad’s ties.  Mum is delighted! Chrissie Harrison then sweetly e-mailed; The cushions made from my husband’s ties arrived recently and I am delighted by them. They remind me of many happy occasions when he wore the ties. Thank you so much.

Alex's am dram patchwork memory quilt

Alex had a great time at Durham Uni and during her degree collected quite a few T-shirts, so asked me to stitch them all into a quilt for her and here it is;

A Patchwork Quilt New Year Challenge

New year challenge; a bespoke quilt inspired by a cartoon; Cartoon Courage the Cowardly Dog / The Quilt Club. I have appliqued the design onto the quilt and stitched quilting lines along the large patchwork pieces.

Patchwork Panels For Lip Service's New Production

Following on from stitching successful patchwork panels (see previous post) for Lip Services’s new production; Mr Darcy Loses the Plot, the skills of the Avenue Crafters, the Crumpsall Craft Crewe, plus our Barbara, a talented solo ninja stitcher from Oldham, were called upon to create applique panels for the set backdrop. The deadline was tight but don’t these panels look truly amazing. Well done and thank you again to all the stitchers involved.

I started my quilts & business via a career in arts & education. I enjoy working with people to create artworks. If you are interested in working with me on a collaborative project, visit Lisa Watson Textiles to find out more.

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