Hand Stitched Square Patchwork Quilts

Personalised square patchwork quilt commissions are always welcome.

Patchwork quilts use snippets of fabric that are distinctly personal to the quilt's recipient to create a heirloom piece as a memento of a special event or memorable time in your life.

All patchwork quilts are hand finished stitched to the highest standard by Lisa Watson.

If you would like to have a unique square patchwork quilt made, contact Lisa today to discuss your ideas.

  • Lisa will work with you to design a patchwork quilt to the size & style that fits you & your home.
  • Your quilt will be truly unique to you, hand finished and stitched to last so to become an heirloom piece.
  • A quilt 200cm by 150cm with a design that isn’t too complex will take on average 20 to 25 hours to sew and will cost around £500 to £550.
  • A quilt commission will take up to maximum 6-8 weeks to stitch from the mutually agreed stitching starting date.

Gordon's exuberant memory quilt

Using Gordon's wife's colourful kimonos and PJs I designed and stitched this bursting with colour and pattern square patchwork quilt, which is sure to brighten any dull day:

Well. What a fabulous personal service.
My lovely wife Pauline , the kimono queen died and I wanted to be able to reuse some of her kimonos.  I got in touch with Lisa. She understood what I wanted and with great sensitivity and care created the most fabulous patchwork quilt  Full of joy and colour like Pauline it is tremendous. Prepared ahead of time and for the most reasonable price I now have a high quality treasure. She would have loved it.  I certainly do.
Thank you Lisa.
Gordon. Addison.

Celebratory 50th birthday quilt

Martin got in touch to ask me to stitch his wife a 50th birthday memory quilt, using his twin daughter's baby clothes, as well as some additional adult contributions. Here is the colourful and joyful patchwork quilt I stitched, for Martin's wife to use as well as treasure:

Patchwork Quilts for Molly & Matilda

Barbara sent me lots of fabric snippets collected from her girls' clothes to stitch into memory quilts for them. I am really pleased with the look of these wholly personalised patchwork of fabric memories for them both;

Lisa created two quilts for me and right from the start she was so helpful and her wealth of knowledge apparent. No detail or request was too much trouble. The quilts were for my daughters and extremely personal and important. When they arrived I cried - both beautiful, soft, cosy and perfectly finished. It has taken me a long time to find someone to carry out this task and I am so very glad it was Lisa.

Cashmere chequerboard patchwork quilt for Hugh

Hugh asked me to use a selection of cashmere jumpers to create a chequerboard patchwork quilt. Colourful cashmere squares are interspersed with a cornflower blue melange brushed cotton, creating a contrasting design of brights with calming colours, all with super soft fabrics.

Cosy Patchwork Quilt to remind Jemima of her dad

Jemima asked me to stitch a small patchwork quilt using her dad's clothes. The result is a joyful, bright and comforting quilt to cuddle up with.

After losing my Dad three years ago and moving away, I wanted something that would keep his memory alive and give me the comfort of home. Lisa worked with me to create a beautiful bespoke quilt made up of my Dad’s clothes. She took on board my specific requests and was very helpful with any suggestions. I am so grateful to have this now and will cherish it forever. Thank you Lisa

A Square Patchwork Quilt For Anita

As well as a memory quilt for herself, Anita asked me to stitch two square patchwork memory quilts for James's younger brothers...

A Square 18th Birthday Quilt For Maddy

A joyous and colourful 18th birthday quilt for Maddy stitched from her clothes and bedclothes, plus dad’s stripy shirt&mum’s spotty trousers...

A Square 18th Birthday Celebratory Quilt

Lisa asked me to stitch Oli an 18th birthday celebratory patchwork quilt, similar in style, but quite unique due to the clothes cut up for the patches, to her elder brother Henry's 18th birthday patchwork quilt, I also stitched a couple of years ago...

A Square Quilt For Kathleen's Daughters 21st

Kathleen asked me to stitch a birthday celebration quilt for her daughter’s 21st. Every patch in Abigail’s quilt holds sweet memories and includes precious fabrics from baby clothes right up to recent times. A truly unique and charmingly colourful patchwork quilt. Here is what Kathleen wrote when seeing Abigail's quilt for the first time...

Lisa, It arrived!!!! It is, quite simply, a work of art. Thank you so very much for creating this unique and beautiful quilt. With pieces of fabric drawn from the twenty-one years of Abigail’s life, it will, I know, quickly become a treasured representation of our family history. Thank You.

A University Quilt For Ellie

A university quilt for Ellie combining all her precious and favourite clothes that she had saved from throughout her childhood with some additional patterned fabrics, so Ellie's memory patchwork quilt could cover a single bed at 115 by 165cm, in her halls of residence. Here's what Ellie WhatsApp-ed me when she received her new quilt...

Thanks so much for this quilt full of childhood memories to send me off to uni with. It's expertly made and has deep meaning to me. Would highly recommend x

A Square Patchwork Quilt Made From Jeff's Shirts

My first quilt stitched in September! Cynthia sent me her Jeff's shirts to stitch into a sweet square block patchwork quilt for herself. On receiving her new quilt, Cynthia sent me this sweet message.

Thank you so much Lisa for making such a beautiful quilt out of Jeff's shirts. I'm not sure what he would have initially thought about his shirts being cut up, but I do know that he would have loved what they have been made into - a lovely memory quilt which will be treasured forever, not only by me but also his daughter, Julie, when it is eventually passed to her.  As Winter approaches I will definitely be wrapping myself in my quilt on cold nights! I really love it.  Thank you for your hard work Lisa, and for keeping me up to date with progress from start to finish. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who was thinking of having a quilt made. Thanks again for my beautiful quilt. Cynthia x

2 Kingsize Patchwork Quilts For Sarah

Two king-size patchwork quilts for Sarah, both similar but also distinctly different. I think the warm colours and soft fabrics are really calming and soothing. I thoroughly enjoyed stitching these two bespoke patchwork quilts. On receiving her new quilts, Sarah sweetly wrote...

The quilts are absolutely beautiful. Exactly what I was hoping for. The material you have used for the backing is so soft and the design is just gorgeous. Thank you for all your help

My First Commission Of 2021

My first quilt commission for 2021. Lots of colourful patterned shirts contributed to this sweet Memory Quilt for Julie, who wrote on receiving her new quilt...

Thank you so much Lisa for making this memorial quilt for me made from Terry’s shirts you have done an amazing job this is something I will treasure xx

Chequerboard Patchwork Quilt Stitched With Golfers Jumpers

Following the success of a chequerboard patchwork quilt stitched with golfing jumpers, (see below) Jo asked me to stitched five more quilts for her, this time using her mother's cashmere jumpers. Four of the cashmere chequerboard patchwork quilts were smaller lap sized quilts for four nieces and the fifth quilt was a super king-size quilt for Jo herself. The candy colours and the chequerboard design on all these quilts are working really well together, don't you think? Here is what Jo said on receiving her quilts...

I just got back last night and had opportunity to see your fantastic work on the quilts - thank you so very much, they are all fantastic and I suspect will also be lovely and warm in this cooler weather. I'm really looking forwards to giving them to my nieces when lockdown allows. You do amazing work. Kindest of regards, Jo.

A Quilt Made From Henry's Childhood T-shirts

An 18th birthday celebratory patchwork quilt incorporating Henry's colourful T-shirts from toddler to teenager. I used bigger patchwork squares so the colourful T-graphics could really stand out. Henry turns 18 next month, so his quilt has been completed in plenty of time...Phew!

A Quilt Made From Jo's Mothers Golfing Jumpers

Jo wished to have her mother's golfing jumpers made into a quilt. Following a consultation it was agreed due to the stretchy knitted fabrics to create a chequerboard patchwork quilt with an alternating neutral grey that colour balances against the brightness of the jumpers. The overall effect is contemporary and eye catching.

A Quilt Made From Stew's Clothes

A patchwork quilt commission for Jane, with Stew's clothes including; flamboyant boxers, silk ties, rugby team badges, and quite a few jazzy shirts too. Here's what Jane said about her quilt...

I was so nervous about letting go of Stew’s clothes. I needn’t have been. Lisa has created the most beautiful quilt which is full of such wonderful memories and when I wrap myself up in the quilt it’s like being back in Stew’s arms again I'm absolutely thrilled.

A Square Patchwork Quilt For Rory's 16th

Rory's mum wished a patchwork quilt to celebrate her son's 16th birthday...

Thank you so much for designing and creating Rory’s quilt.  You incorporated sixteen years worth of cherished pieces of clothing into something very special. Thanks for taking into account the (many) notes I sent with the clothes and using very specific parts of certain items.  Love the way you used shirt pockets for items like socks and his little cashmere hat.  Rory is very happy with the quilt and now my Mother wants one for her 80th birthday!

A Square Patchwork Quilt Made From Connor's Clothes

This memory quilt used all of Connor's clothes. Here is what Katie wrote; Hi Lisa. The quilt is beautiful. I am so glad you could make it for me. All my memories of Connor are now in a quilt for me to keep forever & to pass down to my family in the future. 

A Vibrant 18th Birthday Quilt For Joel

A vibrant 18th birthday celebration patchwork quilt for Joel stitched with fabric from childhood & bed clothes, plus dad’s stripy shirt & mum’s spotty trousers...

A Square Quilt Made From Mark's Daughters Clothes

Mark had been squirreling his daughter's clothes away for a number of years, so it was a huge exciting surprise for their mum to be given this memory quilt from them all on Christmas morning. Such a sweet thoughtful gift.

A Quilt Inspired By A Film Poster

Emma asked me to stitch a quilt for a friend using some cherished curtains made by their mother and a vibrant film poster as inspiration. Following several e-mails to finalise the quilt design, I got to work. The resulting quilt is vibrant and cheery and channels the autumnal colours on display while it was being stitched.

A Quilt For Yvette's Daughters 18th Birthday

Yvette got in touch to ask me to stitch a quilt for her daughter’s 18th. Included in the quilt are her daughter’s clothes (plus dad’s stripy shirt & mum’s spotty trousers) and lots of stripy fabrics as her daughter loves stripes. Yvette said...

The quilt is gorgeous. Thank you so much Lisa. You’ve woven wonders from a bundle of old school shirts, toddler dresses and baby-grows. It’s been a brilliant way to capture memories of our daughter’s childhood – and give her something beautiful to keep for ever. Thank you so much for pulling out the stops to get it done in time for her 18th.

A Quilt For Annelie's Mum

Annelie wished a quilt for her mum to cuddle up in that wrapped her up with images of her family...

A Square Memory Quilt Made From Elaine's Baby's Clothes

Elaine brought all her daughter’s baby and childhood clothes, as well as some of her maternity dresses to stitch into a comforting memory quilt for Charlotte who has just started studying medicine at Oxford University (WOW!). Elaine really wished as many fabrics as possible to be stitched into Charlotte’s memory quilt and I think we have succeeded, don’t you?

Charlotte’s face was a picture when she saw her quilt for the first time on Christmas Day. She absolutely loved it and thought the mixes of colours and patterns were brilliant. Everyone who has seen it thinks it is beautiful and a really thoughtful idea. Charlotte’s quilt now has pride of place on her bed at Oxford University! Thank you so much for making Charlotte’s quilt for us. We are delighted with it and it has brought back some lovely memories.

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