Hand Stitched Memory Quilt Commissions

Personalised memory quilt commissions are always welcome.

Memory quilts use snippets of fabric that are distinctly personal to the quilt's recipient to create a heirloom piece as a memonto of a special event or momorable time in your life.

All memory quilts are hand finished stitched to the highest standard by Lisa Watson.

If you would like to have a unique memory quilt made, contact Lisa today to discuss your ideas.

  • Lisa will work with you to design a memory quilt to the size & style that fits you & your home.
  • Your memory quilt will be truly unique to you, hand finished and stitched to last so to become an heirloom piece.
  • A quilt 200cm by 150cm with a design that isn’t too complex will take on average 20 to 25 hours to sew and will cost around £500 to £550.
  • A quilt commission will take up to maximum 6-8 weeks to stitch from the mutually agreed stitching starting date.

Eleanor's Hexie Patchwork re-worked into a Kind-size Quilt:

Adding to this 1980's hexagon patchwork proved quite trisky since the construction method was wholly unique. However, by using the stash of retro hexie patchwork pieces that Eleanor also sent with her precious vintage patchwork, I was able to adapt the original hexagon shape into a king-size quilt. The finished quilt will not lie totally flat due to the construction of the original hexagon patchwork, but it's as straight as possible and on considerable reflection throughout this process, this was the best solution and method of construction. The jolly pink striped edging and backing fabric also really compliments and finishes this quilt delightfully, as you can see:

Amy's Drunkards Path Patchwork Quilt:

Was stitched using her twin boys babygros and a complimentary cotton melange brushed cotton. The challenge for me was to stabilise the stretchy jersey fabrics, and then stitch them into this complicated patchwork, as well as ensure all the patterned prints were facing in the same direction and importantly worked together in a harmonious design. Here is the resulting cute quilt:

Jo's Chevron Patchwork quilts for her two daughters

Using their childhood clothes as a starting point, as well as some inspiration images provided by Jo, these two chevron patchwork quilts are similar, since the girl's are really close in age, but off course always slightly different.

I commissioned Lisa to make two memory quilts for my daughters out of clothes they wore as children. We’re thrilled with them. The finished quilts brought back so many memories for us all and my daughters absolutely love them. They both instantly put them on their beds and my eldest will be taking hers with her when she goes to university this autumn. We love the way Lisa brought together so many different fabrics, textures and colours and were so impressed with how beautifully the quilts are sewn. I’m so pleased we chose Lisa to create these quilts which feel like instant family heirlooms!

Brigit's festive gift to her husband using all of his commemorative T's;

Brigit had been collecting scraps of her husband's t-shirts for years, and wished to get them made into a quilt.  As the fabrics were varying sizes - some quite large, some small, I accommodated these into the design by keeping the width always the same but adjusting the length and using Acorn fabrics; midnight melange to bring all the disparate colours and designs together. I'm hoping Brigit's husband is pleased with his new bespoke quilt.


Hi Lisa. I just wanted to tell you that my husband absolutely loved his quilt and is sitting with it on his lap as I speak. Thank you! Best wishes for 2024, Brigit

Maya's quilt in memory of her father;

Following detailed discussion and lots of emails, a design for the back and front of Maya's patchwork quilt was decided upon. Lots of photo images were included of Maya and her father, as well as poignant handwriting and significant images in badges. Maya's quilt included some of her father's shirts and it was also long arm quilted with a Rosemary motif for remembrance.

A (mostly) Spurs Patchwork Memory Quilt for Emma to remember her husband;

Emma was quite specific that she wished the Spurs teddy bear in the centre of her memory quilt, so I worked the design of her memory quilt around a central patch and was able to incorporate every item of clothing and fabric she sent. The Spurs blue backing and edging fabric also brings the whole design together well, so really pleased with how Emma's memory quilt looks.

Peter asked me to stitch a quilt for his daughter

This square patchwork quilt uses all the vibrant, eclectic patterned clothes taken from clothes worn by Peter's wife.

Sarah's daughter's 30th birthday gift:

It was a fun challenge to incorporate all of Sarah's daughter's baby and toddler's clothes into the quilt, but bar a few unusable items such as shoes and a back pack, they are all here in glorious technicolour.

Charlie's new strip patchwork quilt stitched in memory of his father; David

Elaine got in touch asking me to stitch a strip patchwork quilt for her son and then daughter, using her husbands clothes. Elaine wished for the quilt to appeal to her son, and for him to use it, so lots of corduroy and more muted fabrics, with a few brighter colours added for interest in this strip patchwork design. The second quilt for Elaine's daughter used lighter fabrics, so was simialr, but different to Charlie's quilt.

Elizabeth's girls' clothes stitched into a bespoke Quilt

Hello Lisa, my quilt just arrived and it is amazing, I love it so much Kind RegardsElizabeth

Here is a photo and you asked for a few words; “Clearing an attic room I found a box of little dresses from long ago. Lisa has made them into a most beautiful quilt. It is unique and magical, every patch a memory. Thank you Lisa”

Elizabeth wished me to use the cute clothes of her two girls worn when they were all living in Europe, to stitch her a bespoke patchwork quilt with hand quilting. Such a pretty quilt to stitch, which is my first quilt commission of 2023;

A Christmas present for Anjali's Ma

Anjali got in touch asking me to use her Fathers and brothers clothes to stitch a memory quilt for her mother. And here it is;

Handmade Quilt For Anita

A handmade quilt commissioned by Anita, in memory of her son, James.

Lisa is obviously an incredibly skilled quilt maker but she is so much more than that, she brings a  personal element to all of her commissions and that is invaluable. I was kept involved from the very start and found the process of building something beautiful, in a time of utter despair, very cathartic and comforting. Thanks to Lisa I now have a beautiful handmade quilt full of memories that I will cherish forever.

Hexegon Patchwork Quilt For Heather

Heather asked me to finish a beautiful hexagon patchwork quilt top for her daughter's Saskie's 30th birthday, which she and her mother started hand stitching when her daughter was born. All the fabrics are a delightful window back into time as well as looking fabulous stitched all together.

A Very Special Quilt For Ruth

Such kind words from Ruth who asked me to create a  very special memory quilt using her Alan’s clothes stitched in a strip patchwork and quilted with her carefully chosen words.

Hi Lisa just want to tell you that your quilt of my husbands clothes is a master piece and a work of art I will treasure it forever. Thankyou you are one amazing talented woman xx

A Quilt To Celebrate Hala's Time As A Teacher

Hala asked me to work with her to stitch a memory quilt for her to celebrate her time teaching. This truly was a team collaboration with Hala’s beautiful cross stitch embroidery of her memorable teaching words, Deborah from Dastardly Line using her expertise to long arm quilt; Teacher; School; Students; Learning repeatedly across the quilt and me to hand finish this truly unique personalised quilt. Hala e-mailed me a lovey endorsement under the heading Why It’s Special.

Dear Lisa, I’m a procrastinator! When making a memory quilt you only get one chance to get it right. Lisa Watson made sure that was the case for me. Her expertise in quilting enabled me to trust her with my memories. She was also a rock in advising me on materials to use eg for backing cloth, wadding, and thread. Thank you Lisa for making this quilt even more special.

A Quilt For Susan's 70th Birthday

For her 70th, Susan’s husband commissioned a unique patchwork quilt made from her favourite clothes worn over 50 years of student, working and family life. Susan wrote...

I always hoped to have a patchwork quilt made from these much-loved fabrics, but never imagined that it would be so beautiful. Lisa put so much thought and care into creating the pattern, and her amazing skills have brought my memories to life in a truly remarkable way. When it was unfolded across the bed, my husband and I spent a wonderful half-hour remembering holidays and special occasions. One of the cottons brings back thoughts of my closest college friend, sadly no longer here to share the memory, who made me a long skirt in our first year. Another is from my honeymoon dressing-gown, in an original 1970s Laura Ashley material made in Carno, Wales, which I left behind by mistake – we had to drive back across half of Brittany to retrieve it! And the flowery summer dresses remind us of happy holidays with our children. All the family love the quilt, and it’s led my American daughter-in-law to have an interesting conversation with her own mother about a quilt made for her by her grandmother and almost forgotten about until now. We could not be more thrilled, and already have plans for a cot-quilt for our baby grandson.

A Campervan Quilt For Kay

Following on from stitching a tie quilt for Kay, she then asked me to stitch her a campervan quilt using a selection of Paddy’s T-shirts. Another colourful and uniquely personal quilt and my first campervan quilt! Here is the e-mail from Kay on receiving her new quilt.

Hi Lisa, Here’s my quilt in the campervan. It was quite hard to get a photo in the space, but it will certainly be well used and keep me warm. I can’t wait to get camping again and wrap myself up in it round the barbecue on an evening. My cat Whitby loves it too! Thank you so very much for your individual and personal service. Warmest wishes.

2 Mini Quilts To Comemorate A 40th Birthday

Two mini patchwork quilts commissioned as a sweet surprise, packed with memorable fabrics, photos and embroidery to celebrate a 40th birthday and an impending baby.

An Art Quilt For Jess

An art quilt for Jess comprising all the snippets of sentimental fabric she sent me sewn in patchwork strips interspersed with a cream cotton and finished with a hand quilted concentric pattern. Jess will be hanging this quilt on her wall, but if she so wishes at a later date can be used practically on a bed or as a sofa throw too...

A Quilt To Celebrate Kates BIG Birthday

Kate wished a bespoke quilt stitching to celebrate a BIG birthday and make use of the joyous colour pop of printed cottons she had accumulated linked to special family memories. The result is a zinging joyous patchwork quilt that as Kate commented on Instagram...

So glad it's been cheering up your lockdown Lisa, it looks fantastic! Very inspiring to know that beauty can come out of adverse times x

3 Mini Quilts For 3 Siblings

Three mini patchwork quilts for 3 siblings, plus two patchwork cushions for 2 sisters, all stitched from beloved Mudda's clothes. Another sweet memory quilt commission.

Kate's Ma's 70th birthday quilt

To celebrate her mother's 70th birthday, Kate asked family and friends to provide snippets of memorable fabrics that linked to her ma. I then stitched them into this bespoke triangular quilt:

A 21st Birthday Quilt Memento

Laura asked me to make a special 21st memento quilt for her son Joe.

Thanks again for the amazing quilt. You have been able to transform my simple idea into a wonderful momento which I know will be in our family for generations to come. Thank you, thank you, thank you

A Football Quilt For Betsy's Teenage Son

Betsy got in touch to stitch a MCR City football shirt quilt for her teenager son; Max. The family came for a quilt consultation and we decided together on a design and what fabrics would work best for Max’s quilt. I really enjoyed this unique stitching challenge.

Lisa was amazing to work with. She has made years of football shirts into a real masterpiece. We could not have envisioned anything better! Max loves it. Thank you so much again.

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