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On this page you will find Memory quilts that all contain snippets of fabric that are distinctly personal to the quilt’s recipient. Scroll down to see them all…

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Hi Lisa just want to tell you that your quilt of my husbands clothes is a master piece and a work of art I will treasure it forever. Thankyou you are one amazing talented woman xx Such kind words from Ruth who asked me to create a v.special memory quilt using her Alan’s clothes stitched in a strip patchwork and quilted with her carefully chosen words;


Lisa asked me to stitch Oli an 18th birthday celebratory patchwork quilt, similar in style, but quite unique due to the clothes cut up for the patches, to her elder brother Henry’s 18th birthday patchwork quilt, I also stitched a couple of years ago;


Shaazia asked me to assist her in finishing a quilt she had started for her daughter Sara, who has recently turned 10 years old. The patchwork quilt is stitched with Sara’s baby clothes. Following a email discussion and on seeing Shaazia’s stitched quilt, I added several more rows of patches to enlarge Sara’s quilt, so it now will fit Sara’ new double bed and crucially continue to be used as she grows up. Here is Shaazia’s e-mail on receiving Sara’s new quilt; Hello Lisa, Here are some pics of the quilt in situ. It has been proudly displayed by Sara everyday since we got it 🙂 I wanted to thank you once again, as this has been a project close to my heart. Each year it would come out of storage and I would attempt to finish it, but would eventually stop because of the lack of confidence, and I didn’t want to ruin it. It brings me so much heartfelt happiness each time I look at it, and has been finished so well. (Very very far from what I would have achieved if I had persisted). So a huge thank you to you!  I will be highly recommending your services to friends and family! Have a lovely day and best of luck! Warm regards, Shaazia.


Hala asked me to work with her to stitch a memory quilt for her to celebrate her time teaching. This truly was a team collaboration with Hala’s beautiful cross stitch embroidery of her memorable teaching words, Deborah from Dastardly Line using her expertise to long arm quilt; Teacher; School; Students; Learning repeatedly across the quilt and me to hand finish this truly unique personalised quilt. Hala e-mailed me a lovey endorsement under the heading Why It’s Special’; Dear Lisa, I’m a procrastinator! When making a memory quilt you only get one chance to get it right. Lisa Watson made sure that was the case for me. Her expertise in quilting enabled me to trust her with my memories. She was also a rock in advising me on materials to use eg for backing cloth, wadding, and thread. Thank you Lisa for making this quilt even more special. Regards, Hala


Kathleen asked me to stitch a birthday celebration quilt for her daughter’s 21st. Every patch in Abigail’s quilt holds sweet memories and includes precious fabrics from baby clothes right up to recent times. A truly unique and charmingly colourful patchwork quilt. Here is what Kathleen wrote when seeing Abigail’s quilt for the first time; Lisa, It arrived!!!! It is, quite simply, a work of art. Thank you so very much for creating this unique and beautiful quilt. With pieces of fabric drawn from the twenty-one years of Abigail’s life, it will, I know, quickly become a treasured representation of our family history. Thank You.



A university quilt for Ellie combining all her precious and favourite clothes that she had saved from throughout her childhood with some additional patterned fabrics, so Ellie’s memory patchwork quilt could cover a single bed at 115 by 165cm, in her halls of residence. Here’s what Ellie WhatsApp-ed me when she received her new quilt; Thanks so much for this quilt full of childhood memories to send me off to uni with. It’s expertly made and has deep meaning to me. Would highly recommend x


My first quilt stitched in September! Cynthia sent me her Jeff’s shirts to stitch into a sweet square block patchwork quilt for herself. On receiving her new quilt, Cynthia sent me this sweet message; Thank you so much Lisa for making such a beautiful quilt out of Jeff’s shirts. I’m not sure what he would have initially thought about his shirts being cut up, but I do know that he would have loved what they have been made into – a lovely memory quilt which will be treasured forever, not only by me but also his daughter, Julie, when it is eventually passed to her.  As Winter approaches I will definitely be wrapping myself in my quilt on cold nights! I really love it.  Thank you for your hard work Lisa, and for keeping me up to date with progress from start to finish. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who was thinking of having a quilt made. Thanks again for my beautiful quilt. Cynthia x


Sharon did her research and decided on the design of her patchwork quilt to best show off her husband’s eclectic collection of printed shirts. This is the second time I have now stitched a Irish Chain and Sawtooth Star patchwork quilt and I really enjoyed the process. Here is a note from Sharon; I wanted something special to be made with Paul’s shirts. I had seen a few examples online but I knew that I needed to invest the time in finding the right person with the right skills to do this. I am very pleased with the result and I now have something I can treasure.


Three shirt quilts for Sue and her girls using her husband’s precious shirts, with the majority of these being classic Ben Sherman. Each quilt has combinations of patches from thirty shirts in it, with different edging and backing fabrics, so although all three quilts are similar, they are also unique and for me were a real delight to stitch. Here is what Sue wrote to me when her quilts arrived;  Dear Lisa, I was truly amazed when the quilts arrived. Beautiful quilts of good and happy memories of Vince’s shirts. The use of the Ben Sherman pockets is a lovely detail and all sewn so perfectly. Lisa you are a star! I can’t wait to give the quilts to my daughters which I plan to do on Father’s Day. I’m sure there will be more tears than usual. We will treasure the quilts for ever. Sue x


Two bespoke patchwork quilts for Victoria’s two boys using all their early years clothes. Each quilt is colourful and distinctly unique with charming individual images, although both boys definitely liked Thunderbirds…Here’s what Victoria wrote on receiving her boy’s quilts; The quilts arrived on Monday – Tuesday was actually my eldest’s birthday (spaceman quilt!) and I gave him his quilt as an extra present. Queue tears of emotion as he LOVED it so much. Then Joseph (tractor quilt) descended into tears as he didn’t have one – when I produced his for him he couldn’t quite cope and sobbed and sobbed because it was “so perfect”. Needless to say we adore them! Have been trying to get their rooms a bit straighter so you can have decent photos – but haven’t quite managed it!  Am sorry! But I will forward soon. Even my husband (who hates anything pretty!) thinks they are mega! WHAT a talent you have!!! Am completely over the moon! Vx  


For her 70th, Susan’s husband commissioned a unique patchwork quilt made from her favourite clothes worn over 50 years of student, working and family life. Susan wrote; I always hoped to have a patchwork quilt made from these much-loved fabrics, but never imagined that it would be so beautiful. Lisa put so much thought and care into creating the pattern, and her amazing skills have brought my memories to life in a truly remarkable way. When it was unfolded across the bed, my husband and I spent a wonderful half-hour remembering holidays and special occasions. One of the cottons brings back thoughts of my closest college friend, sadly no longer here to share the memory, who made me a long skirt in our first year. Another is from my honeymoon dressing-gown, in an original 1970s Laura Ashley material made in Carno, Wales, which I left behind by mistake – we had to drive back across half of Brittany to retrieve it! And the flowery summer dresses remind us of happy holidays with our children. All the family love the quilt, and it’s led my American daughter-in-law to have an interesting conversation with her own mother about a quilt made for her by her grandmother and almost forgotten about until now. We could not be more thrilled, and already have plans for a cot-quilt for our baby grandson.


Following on from stitching a tie quilt for Kay (next but one image down), she then asked me to stitch her a campervan quilt using a selection of Paddy’s T-shirts. Another colourful  and uniquely personal quilt and my first campervan quilt! Here is the e-mail from Kay on receiving her new quilt; Hi Lisa, Here’s my quilt in the campervan. It was quite hard to get a photo in the space, but it will certainly be well used and keep me warm. I can’t wait to get camping again and wrap myself up in it round the barbecue on an evening.  My cat Whitby loves it too! Thank you so very much for your individual and personal service. Warmest wishes


Two king-size patchwork quilts for Sarah, both similar but also distinctly different. I think the warm colours and soft fabrics are really calming and soothing. I thoroughly enjoyed stitching these two bespoke patchwork quilts. On receiving her new quilts, Sarah sweetly wrote; The quilts are absolutely beautiful. Exactly what I was hoping for. The material you have used for the backing is so soft and the design is just gorgeous. Thank you for all your help


No filter needed on this quilt, as lots of Paddy’s colourful silky ties, have been stitched diagonally into patchwork squares, edged and backed in a super soft indigo blue brushed cotton making this a truly unique and personal memory quilt for Kay. Here is what Kay wrote on receiving her new quilt;

Dear Lisa, My quilt made from my darling Paddy’s ties has just arrived and I couldn’t be more delighted. It’s so beautiful….I’m sobbing. The way you have arranged the colours and the blends within the squares is just stunning, and the workmanship is excellent. I love the embroidery of his name and even the details on the back. The packaging in a cloth bag and the tie you have returned are so thoughtful. Thank you so very much.


Two mini patchwork quilts commissioned as a sweet surprise, packed with memorable fabrics, photos and embroidery to celebrate a 40th birthday and an impending baby…


My first quilt commission for 2021. Lots of colourful patterned shirts contributed to this sweet Memory Quilt for Julie, who wrote on receiving her new quilt; Thank you so much Lisa for making this memorial quilt for me made from Terry’s shirts you have done an amazing job this is something I will treasure xx.


An art quilt for Jess comprising all the snippets of sentimental fabric she sent me sewn in patchwork strips interspersed with a cream cotton and finished with a hand quilted concentric pattern. Jess will be hanging this quilt on her wall, but if she so wishes at a later date can be used practically on a bed or as a sofa throw too…


Olivia had the idea to use some of her father’s shirts to stitch into a patchwork quilt for her mother. Olivia suggested a great pinwheel patchwork design to showcase her father’s shirts and the sunflower quilted motif from Deborah at Dastardly line really enhances the finished quilt, don’t you think?


A real treat to stitch myself my own 50th celebration patchwork quilt, using lots of fabrics accrued over many years, that have sweet memories for me, from family snippets through to memorable remnants.


Following the success of a chequerboard patchwork quilt stitched with golfing jumpers, (see below) Jo asked me to stitched five more quilts for her, this time using her mother’s cashmere jumpers. Four of the cashmere chequerboard patchwork quilts were smaller lap sized quilts for four nieces and the fifth quilt was a super king-size quilt for Jo herself. The candy colours and the chequerboard design on all these quilts are working really well together, don’t you think? Here is what Jo said on receiving her quilts; I just got back last night and had opportunity to see your fantastic work on the quilts – thank you so very much, they are all fantastic and I suspect will also be lovely and warm in this cooler weather. I’m really looking forwards to giving them to my nieces when lockdown allows. You do amazing work. Kindest of regards, Jo.


An 18th birthday celebratory patchwork quilt incorporating Henry’s colourful T-shirts from toddler to teenager.
I used bigger patchwork squares so the colourful T-graphics could really stand out. Henry turns 18 next month, so his quilt has been completed in plenty of time…Phew!


Jo wished to have her mother’s golfing jumpers made into a quilt. Following a consultation it was agreed due to the stretchy knitted fabrics to create a chequerboard patchwork quilt with an alternating neutral grey that colour balances against the brightness of the jumpers. The overall effect is contemporary and eye catching.


A patchwork quilt commission for Jane, with Stew’s clothes including; flamboyant boxers, silk ties, rugby team badges, and quite a few jazzy shirts too. Here’s what Jane said about her quilt; . I was so nervous about letting go of Stew’s clothes. I needn’t have been. Lisa has created the most beautiful quilt which is full of such wonderful memories and when I wrap myself up in the quilt it’s like being back in Stew’s arms again I’m absolutely thrilled.

I really enjoy working on all my bespoke commissions as they are all so personal & unique,  and fabrics hold so many delightful memories.


Kate wished a bespoke quilt stitching to celebrate a BIG birthday and make use of the joyous colour pop of printed cottons she had accumulated linked to special family memories. The result is a zinging joyous patchwork quilt that as Kate commented on Instagram; So glad it’s been cheering up your lockdown Lisa, it looks fantastic! V inspiring to know that beauty can come out of adverse times x


Rory’s mum wished a patchwork quilt to celebrate her son’s 16th birthday; Thank you so much for designing and creating Rory’s quilt.  You incorporated sixteen years worth of cherished pieces of clothing into something very special. Thanks for taking into account the (many) notes I sent with the clothes and using very specific parts of certain items.  Love the way you used shirt pockets for items like socks and his little cashmere hat.  Rory is very happy with the quilt and now my Mother wants one for her 80th birthday! Best Dorien 


So pleased to be asked to stitch this tie quilt for Jan’s husband’s birthday which has all his rugby (& a few football) tour ties stitched onto the quilt. Jan wrote; Hi Lisa, he absolutely loved the tie quilt. A very special surprise on a very special occasion. Thank you so much for all your effort and hard work,  it is very much appreciated.


This memory quilt used all of Connor’s clothes. Here is what Katie wrote; Hi Lisa. The quilt is beautiful. I am so glad you could make it for me. All my memories of Connor are now in a quilt for me to keep forever & to pass down to my family in the future. 


Three mini patchwork quilts for 3 siblings, plus two patchwork cushions for 2 sisters, all stitched from beloved Mudda’s clothes. Another sweet memory quilt commission.


A vibrant 18th birthday celebration patchwork quilt for Joel stitched with fabric from childhood & bed clothes, plus dad’s stripy shirt&mum’s spotty trousers.


A really sweet quilt review; I’ve just received my memory quilt, beautifully presented, lovingly stitched and created by Lisa. The whole process was a pleasure from start to finish, with Lisa suggesting what design might work well. Regular updates kept me informed of Lisa’s progress. Whilst the pictures offered a tantalising glimpse, upon its receipt the sight and feel of the memories within the quilt were tangible… my father’s favourite shirt, the one he wore as he held his first granddaughter, then his second, shirts he wore dancing, each bring a smile as I remember him. Thank you Lisa for making memories into beautiful keepsakes and something I can pass to his grandchildren who adored him. Dee

Dee liked her quilt so much and as there was enough shirting fabric leftover, I stitched a similar strip patchwork quilt for her sister too, completed in time for the festivities.


Mark had been squirreling his daughter’s clothes away for a number of years, so it was a huge exciting surprise for their mum to be given this memory quilt from them all on Christmas morning. Such a sweet thoughtful gift.


Emma asked me to stitch a quilt for a friend using some cherished curtains made by their mother and a vibrant film poster as inspiration. Following several e-mails to finalise the quilt design, I got to work. The resulting quilt is vibrant and cheery and channels the autumnal colours on display while it was being stitched.


Yvette got in touch to ask me to stitch a quilt for her daughter’s 18th. Included in the quilt are her daughter’s clothes (plus dad’s stripy shirt&mum’s spotty trousers) and lots of stripy fabrics as her daughter loves stripes. Yvette said; The quilt is gorgeous. Thank you so much Lisa. You’ve woven wonders from a bundle of old school shirts, toddler dresses and baby-grows. It’s been a brilliant way to capture memories of our daughter’s childhood – and give her something beautiful to keep for ever. Thank you so much for pulling out the stops to get it done in time for her 18th.


Kate wished a quilt to celebrate her mum’s 70th birthday using memorable fabrics supplied by family&friends. Kate chose the distinct triangular patchwork design and advised on the fabric distribution&selection; Dear Lisa, I just wanted to write and say a proper thank you for all you did to make my Mum’s 70th birthday quilt so wonderful. The end result is so much more beautiful than I had ever hoped and so amazing, especially considering how a lot of the fabrics I supplied were far from ideal. I also very much appreciate how kind and flexible and helpful you were throughout the process. Collecting fabrics from all of my mum’s friends and family was quite stressful one way or another so it was really great, life saving in fact, to then have you taking over and working on making such a special piece. I can not wait to give my mum the quilt. I will be taking lots of photographs and sending them to everyone that contributed as everyone is really excited to see it and to see my mum’s reaction. For me, this quilt is a present my mum can have with her reminding her of everyone that loves her, keeping her warm and making her smile until the end of her life. It couldn’t be more special to me and I’m so, so grateful for how lovely it is. Thank you Lisa.


Laura asked me to make a special 21st memento quilt for her son Joe; Thanks again for the amazing quilt. You have been able to transform my simple idea into a wonderful momento which I know will be in our family for generations to come. Thank you, thank you, thank you


Annelie wished a quilt for her mum to cuddle up in that wrapped her up with images of her family.


Alex wished me to stitch her a colourful quilt with all her sweatshirts and T-shirts to remind her of her fun student days at Durham University; When I approached Lisa about making a quilt out of all my old university clothes I had no idea what to expect. Throughout the process from initial consultation, through to design and final production, Lisa was exceptional. She made a real effort to really understand what I wanted to achieve with my quilt and managed to pull together all of my treasured memories in such a stylish way. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lisa for a bespoke quilt commission – you can be sure your memories are in safe hands.


Betsy got in touch to stitch a MCR City football shirt quilt for her teenager son; Max. The family came for a quilt consultation and we decided together on a design and what fabrics would work best for Max’s quilt. I really enjoyed this unique stitching challenge.

Here’s what Betsy said about Max’s quiltLisa was amazing to work with. She has made years of football shirts into a real masterpiece. We could not have envisioned anything better! Max loves it. Thank you so much again


Debbie wished to use all of her father’s amazing collection of ties to create a comforting quilt for her mother, who has just moved into a new flat closeby to Debbie after selling her martial home. Every single tie has been stitched into this quilt to create an eyecatching design. The quilt has been backed and binded in shirting fabric to link in with this tie quilt.

Here is what Debbie said; Thanks again for the beautiful Quilt, pride of place on mum’s bed. The death of your life partner is devastating, but for Mum, downsizing from the house she had shared with Dad, to a flat  for one, was a painful and difficult process. When she gave me a bag of Dad’s old ties that the felt she could not keep, I realised what a strong reflection of his life they were. In the bag were ties from school, university, professional and personal aspects of his life. There were ties that I could clearly remember him wearing to important family events. When I discussed them with Lisa she used her wonderful artistic flair and intricate practical skills to create a true work of art. The quilt is both a psychological and physical comfort and is undoubtedly now a wonderful keepsake and remembrance of my dear departed Dad. Thank you Lisa.  Angela added; Thank you for the wonderful quilt incorporating Noel’s ties. It gives me joy on a daily basis.


Elaine brought all her daughter’s baby and childhood clothes, as well as some of her maternity dresses to stitch into a comforting memory quilt for Charlotte who has just started studying medicine at Oxford University (WOW!). Elaine really wished as many fabrics as possible to be stitched into Charlotte’s memory quilt and I think we have succeeded, don’t you?

Elaine wrote; Charlotte’s face was a picture when she saw her quilt for the first time on Christmas Day. She absolutely loved it and thought the mixes of colours and patterns were brilliant. Everyone who has seen it thinks it is beautiful and a really thoughtful idea. Charlotte’s quilt now has pride of place on her bed at Oxford University! Thank you so much for making Charlotte’s quilt for us. We are delighted with it and it has brought back some lovely memories.



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Thanks to @lisawatso for the most fabulous quilt ever. Isn’t it gorgeous!!! And in my favourite colour…Green!
@CMBoggianno – June 9

I bought Lisa’s ‘sunshine yellow velvet and subtle blues, browns and greys Harris Tweed, quilt. Just love the fabrics, colour combinations and the workmanship is superb.

Oh my, my, my! Lisa, what a beautiful thing you create! They are heavenly beautiful! Simply, I am glad I came across your work and brought them!!!

I am so pleased with my beautiful quilt. The colours are lovely and they tone in really well with our bedroom colours.

Lisa is very proud of her quilts and justifiably so. I have never seen any like them, photos do not do them justice.


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