Hand Stitched Shirt & Tie Quilts

Personalised quilt commissions are always welcome.

Shirt & Tie use snippets of fabric that are distinctly personal to the quilt's recipient to create a heirloom piece as a memonto of a special event, special interest or person in your life.

All quilts are hand finished stitched to the highest standard by Lisa Watson.

If you would like to have a unique quilt made, contact Lisa today to discuss your ideas.

  • Lisa will work with you to design a quilt to the size & style that fits you & your home.
  • Your quilt will be truly unique to you, hand finished and stitched to last so to become an heirloom piece.
  • A quilt 200cm by 150cm with a design that isn’t too complex will take on average 20 to 25 hours to sew and will cost around £500 to £550.
  • A quilt commission will take up to maximum 6-8 weeks to stitch from the mutually agreed stitching starting date.

Lynne's husbands Fiji rugby shirts are the stand out in this strip patchwrok quilt:

Lynne asked me to stitch a blue themed patchwork quilt in memory of her husband, which included his Fiji rugby shirts, everyday shirts, as well as some of Lynne's dresses too. The sunflower long arm quilting design really works well with the calming mix of patterned patches.

A strip style patchwork quilt for Tracy's son using his father's shirts, ties (& trousers);

Tracy's wished her son's memory quilt to reflect his father's character, so as well as including his clothes, a decorative, but authentic Lord of the Rings quilting pattern was designed by Deborah at Dastardly Line to quilt this quilt and the result is exuberant and wholly unique;

Jo's father shirts stitched into two runner quilts ;

Jo wished me to stitch her and her mother a strip patchwork quilt using her father's shirts. These will then be passed onto Jo's two daughters, so Jo wished the patchwork quilts to be similar, but slightly different. I like the calm colours and understated but quality shirting fabrics in these quilts, which perhaps reflects Jo's pa too?

Diana's husbands shirts stitched into a quilt for their grandson;

This is a patchwork quilt for Diana's young grandson to grow with and into. At the centre of this colourful personalised bespoke memory quilt Diana asked me to include a patch with her husband's blood biker badge, as such an important aspectof his life.

A Patchwork Quilt for Josephine

Camilla contacted me to stitch a super big Irish Chain and Sawtooth Star patchwork quilt for her daughter Josephine using her husbands shirts. Every time I stitch a patchwork quilt from shirts there are distinct colours and fabrics that always create such a unique and personal patchwork quilt.

A Patchwork Quilt each for Brenda and her daughter

Brenda asked me to stitch a strip patchwork quilt for her daughter using her husbands' gingham shirts and was so pleased with the first quilt, she asked me to stitch another similar to the first, but slightly different.

Terry's Hawaiian Shirt Patchwork Quilt

I asked Lisa to make a memory quilt from my late husband Terry’s shirts. These shirts are so very precious to me and my family - each holding a special memory. Now - thanks hugely to Lisa’s amazing work - I have a truly beautiful keepsake to wrap around myself and remember Terry. Lisa was so lovely right from the start. Understanding my sadness and loss she guided me through the process - keeping me updated with photos throughout the different stages. I cannot praise her or her work highly enough. She’s one amazing person. Thank you Lisa xxx

A Quilt Made From Joanne's Husbands Shirts

Joanne asked me to stitch her a single patchwork quilt from her late husband Rob's collection of shirts and here it is...

A Quilt Made From An Eclectic Shirt Collection

Sharon did her research and decided on the design of her patchwork quilt to best show off her husband's eclectic collection of printed shirts. This is the second time I have now stitched a Irish Chain and Sawtooth Star patchwork quilt and I really enjoyed the process.

3 Shirt Quilts Made From Sue's Husbands Shirts

Three shirt quilts for Sue and her girls using her husband's precious shirts, with the majority of these being classic Ben Sherman. Each quilt has combinations of patches from thirty shirts in it, with different edging and backing fabrics, so although all three quilts are similar, they are also unique and for me were a real delight to stitch.

Dear Lisa, I was truly amazed when the quilts arrived. Beautiful quilts of good and happy memories of Vince’s shirts. The use of the Ben Sherman pockets is a lovely detail and all sewn so perfectly. Lisa you are a star! I can’t wait to give the quilts to my daughters which I plan to do on Father’s Day. I’m sure there will be more tears than usual. We will treasure the quilts for ever.

A Quilt Made From Paddy's Colourful Ties

No filter needed on this quilt, as lots of Paddy's colourful silky ties, have been stitched diagonally into patchwork squares, edged and backed in a super soft indigo blue brushed cotton making this a truly unique and personal memory quilt for Kay.

Dear Lisa, My quilt made from my darling Paddy’s ties has just arrived and I couldn’t be more delighted. It’s so beautiful....I’m sobbing. The way you have arranged the colours and the blends within the squares is just stunning, and the workmanship is excellent. I love the embroidery of his name and even the details on the back. The packaging in a cloth bag and the tie you have returned are so thoughtful. Thank you so very much.

A Quilt Made from Olivia's Fathers Shirts

Olivia had the idea to use some of her father's shirts to stitch into a patchwork quilt for her mother. Olivia suggested a great pinwheel patchwork design to showcase her father's shirts and the sunflower quilted motif from Deborah at Dastardly line really enhances the finished quilt, don't you think?

A Rugby Tie Quilt For Jan's Husband

So pleased to be asked to stitch this tie quilt for Jan's husband's birthday which has all his rugby (& a few football) tour ties stitched onto the quilt.

Hi Lisa, he absolutely loved the tie quilt. A very special surprise on a very special occasion. Thank you so much for all your effort and hard work,  it is very much appreciated.

Quilts Made From Dee's Fathers Shirts

Dee liked her quilt so much and as there was enough shirting fabric leftover, I stitched a similar strip patchwork quilt for her sister too, completed in time for the festivities.

I’ve just received my memory quilt, beautifully presented, lovingly stitched and created by Lisa. The whole process was a pleasure from start to finish, with Lisa suggesting what design might work well. Regular updates kept me informed of Lisa’s progress. Whilst the pictures offered a tantalising glimpse, upon its receipt the sight and feel of the memories within the quilt were tangible... my father’s favourite shirt, the one he wore as he held his first granddaughter, then his second, shirts he wore dancing, each bring a smile as I remember him. Thank you Lisa for making memories into beautiful keepsakes and something I can pass to his grandchildren who adored him.

Debbie Commissioned A Quilt Made From Her Fathers Ties

Debbie wished to use all of her father’s amazing collection of ties to create a comforting quilt for her mother, who has just moved into a new flat closeby to Debbie after selling her martial home. Every single tie has been stitched into this quilt to create an eyecatching design. The quilt has been backed and binded in shirting fabric to link in with this tie quilt.

Thanks again for the beautiful Quilt, pride of place on mum’s bed. The death of your life partner is devastating, but for Mum, downsizing from the house she had shared with Dad, to a flat  for one, was a painful and difficult process. When she gave me a bag of Dad’s old ties that the felt she could not keep, I realised what a strong reflection of his life they were. In the bag were ties from school, university, professional and personal aspects of his life. There were ties that I could clearly remember him wearing to important family events. When I discussed them with Lisa she used her wonderful artistic flair and intricate practical skills to create a true work of art. The quilt is both a psychological and physical comfort and is undoubtedly now a wonderful keepsake and remembrance of my dear departed Dad. Thank you Lisa.

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