Just in time for the Great British Summer Summer – Lighter Weight Patchwork Quilts Stitched With Shirting Fabrics

Three Patchwork Quilts stitched from quality shirting fabrics, all made in the UK

I like to use strip patchwork, which originated in NE England, as it has a utilitarian vibe

Lightweight one of a kind double to king sized quilts that will keep any night time chills at bay (if the great British summer weather does throw us a curve ball…) and will brighten up your bed, sofa, swing, balcony or veranda!


Three truly unique strip patchwork quilts, stitched with traditional shirting fabrics:

The first strip quilt is stitched with muted colours, in finely woven cotton and wools, with a soft grey brushed cotton backing and edging fabric. This quilt has been quilted using ‘stitch in the ditch’ tramline machine stitch.

The second strip quilt uses bright striped cotton shirting fabric to create a summery vibe. This quilt is backed and edged with a traditional oxford shirting blue fabric  and is quilted using hand tied embroidery threads.

The third strip quilt uses similar joyful stripy fabrics as the second quilt, but is distinctly different due to a smaller width of strips, is backed and edged in more shirting fabrics and has been quilted using ‘stitch in the ditch’ tramline machine stitch.

These quilts are made from *deadstock fabrics from Acorn fabrics which were made in the UK, so they are better for the environment as well as being the best handmade quilt price for you.

*deadstock fabrics are leftover materials from previous productions or unsold stock from textile mills and apparel manufacturers. They are usually high quality materials that would otherwise be wasted and end up in landfills or incinerated.

Interested? Find your new summer quilt here


Or, if you wish me to stitch your own unique patchwork quilt? See my one of a kind bespoke commissions page for more information.

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