MCR International Womens’ Day Quilt has a new home

It’s exciting news, as The Manchester International Womens’ Day Quilt, (I know, it’s a bit of a mouthful) has a new home at, (drum roll please) The People’s History Museum in Manchester.

Back in 2011, The MIWD Quilt was on show at The PHM for the 100th anniversary of International Womens’ Day The inspiration to this exhibition actually started back in March 2010 when over 300 amazing people came together at The Monastery in Gorton to celebrate International Women’s Day. The key themes of that day were that SMALL ACTIONS CAN MAKE BIGGER THINGS HAPPEN & EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN STORY.

The MIWD Quilt does share a bit of history with The PHM, while the inspiration, context and fabric stitched into the Quilt really do bind&bond it well to The PHM&MCR. Bit more background detail on the MIWD Quilt can be found on my blog of an exhibition in 2012 at The Quilt Museum in York.

Noticed the bra bunting in the pics? It raised a few eyebrows and elicited a few comments during the exhibition, which is all positive, as it got people interested&talking, and not just about the exhibition. The bra bunting was there to importantly highlight some useful bra recycling, so if you are interested in finding our more&getting involved click the link

Who knows, by the next International Womens’ Day in March 2016 I will be posting a quilt pic of the MIWD Quilt on display at The PHM…