The Shackleton…quilt

I am loving the earthy colours and combination of textures in our new Shackleton quilt. Cannot get enough of how strokable the corduroy is and it’s just right for our gentleman’s quilt.

To recap Simon MIddleton from the Great British Banjo company asked me to create a Shackleton quilt inspired by the great man.

The top of the quilt is Harris Tweed made from 100% wool. This is hardwearing fabric woven in Harris on the Outer Hebrides in Scotland, so the flecks of colour and weaves of the tweed fit in perfectly with the rugged landscape of Antartica where Shackleton and his men survived their epic adventure. The back of the Shackleton includes durable corduroy in just the right gents trousers shade encircled with utilitarian fabrics from Ian Mankin.

What would Shackleton do?

The Shackleton is 100% British made with fabrics carefully chosen to reflect the age and times that Shackleton encountered and inspired.

To buy your own individual Shackleton quilt (all the Harris Tweed tops are unique) follow the link