Shackleton 100

Did you see Kenneth Brannagh as Sir Ernest Shackleton last Saturday night re-telling of the epic and heroic tale of how Shackleton journeyed with his men back to civilisation after their ship Endurance become literally stuck in the ice on the way to Antartica? If you missed it, catch up here

At the end of last week I enjoyed a relaxed Friday hand finishing a new Shackleton ‘Gentleman Explorer’ quilt, which I posted to the new owner this morning, which timely fits in with all the current Shackleton 100 commemorations.

The first two decades of the 20th century saw a number of pioneering expeditions to the last unexplored continent on Earth – Antarctica.

8th August 2014 marks the start of the centenary of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, also known as the Endurance Expedition. On this day 100 hundred years ago, Endurance set sail from Plymouth.

The Shackleton 100 site brings together in one place information on events taking place across the world to commemorate the 1914-17 Antarctic expeditions.

The Shackleton Quilt was first stitched in Autumn 2014. Here’s the recap;

Manly Shackleton quilt being stitched NOW

The top of the quilt features sumptuous but rugged panels of genuine Harris Tweed, the world-renowned and amazingly hardwearing fabric, woven in Harris on the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. The flecks of colour and weaves of the tweed fit in perfectly with the rugged landscape of Elephant Island and the skies and waters of the Southern Ocean, where Shackleton and his men survived their epic adventure.

The back of the quilt includes durable corduroy in just the right gents’ trouser shade, encircled with handsome utilitarian fabrics from Ian Mankin.

The Shackleton is a perfect quilt for the gentleman explorer’s study, bedroom, living room or tent! Ideal for an autumn evening of outdoor banjo playing too!