Manly or girly, what’s a quilt to be?



Manly or Girly, what’s a quilt to be? I only ask, as yesterday was Father’s Day and last week I attended the inspiring & invigorating Meet the Manufacturer event organised by the impressive Kate Hills from Make it British. From Grande Dames of British Manufacturing and I’m not just talking about Mary Portas here (although I’m told her presentation as anticipated hit a bullseye for the Make it British target mark) through to start ups like Quilts by Lisa Watson, we were brought together by our passion for Best of British.

I met some fascinating people and found out about some brilliant British businesses. Two businesses that stood out with strong manly brands were;

Designer Menswear made in England &

The Great British Banjo Company…which is now;


I met the charming CEOs of both these companys and amidst the amiable chatter I was led to musing, how manly (or girly) my British Made Harris Tweed and luxurious velvet quilts are?

One side of my quilts are stitched in a traditional strip style of quilt made of Tweed. Harris Tweed is a robust hardwearing woollen fabric which lasts. However, check closely and the flecks in the weave include a rainbow of colours. The other side of my quilts combine luxurious velvet and distinctly British printed fabrics. Who can resist the feel of velvet and it’s a wee bit less stratchy to touch than say army issue blankets. Prints can be subjective, but I know many Renaissance men who rock a liberty print shirt. Quilts have always been fantastic at recycling materials, telling a story and bringing communities together in the great tradition of the sewing bee. Yes, the majority of quilters, both grass root and professional makers are female, however there is also an acknowledged tradition among the services of soldiers quilting and sailors knitting to alleviate the boredom, way way back in the day before social media.

My tongue is cheek point is in the 21st century metrosexual males are in touch with the feminine, whilst in the great tradition of our male British heroes, are also comfortable in their own skins.

Manly or Girly, what’s a quilt to be? It doesn’t matter! What matters is that Quilts by Lisa Watson are 100% British made, using fabulous fabrics, colours and textures and you are guaranteed a distinctly unique quilt that is made to last and will just grow better with age, as even more of your stories are interwoven into its fabrics.


Check out these great manly British brands;


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