Have you seen my latest quilt commissions?

One off quilt commissions are always welcome. If you wish to make a quilt from cherished old clothes, or from your own special stash of fabric , Lisa will work with you to design a quilt to the size&style that fits you&your home. Lisa can also stitch a quilt (-floor cushion-tent-laptop cover-you decide) as a special gift to celebrate a significant event, or can make a personalised quilt just for you or for a loved one. Just get in touch with Lisa to discuss your quilt ideas further.

Lia and Anthony were married last month. Their chief bridesmaid and the couples best friend Ally wished me to create a truly personalised wedding gift, so armed with a list of references and a colour swatch I stitched them a wedding quilt linking to their histories (lots of Dutch inspired printed images), interests (running & airplanes) and passions (West Ham United and cats!).

As part of The Shackleton 100 commemorations, I was asked to stitch another special Shackleton ‘Gentleman Explorer’ quilt. These quilts are made in collaboration with The Shackleton Clothing Company. The top of the quilt features sumptuous but rugged panels of genuine Harris Tweed, the world-renowned and amazingly hardwearing fabric, woven in Harris on the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. The flecks of colour and weaves of the tweed fit in perfectly with the rugged landscape of Elephant Island and the skies and waters of the Southern Ocean, where Shackleton and his men survived their epic adventure.

The back of the quilt includes durable corduroy in just the right gents’ trouser shade, encircled with handsome utilitarian fabrics from Ian Mankin.

The Shackleton is a perfect quilt for the gentleman explorer’s study, bedroom, living room or tent! Ideal for an autumn evening of outdoor banjo playing too!

Shackleton Harris Tweed & Corduroy Gentleman’s Quilt

Debbie wished to use all of her father’s amazing collection of ties to create a comforting quilt for her mother, who has just moved into a new flat closeby to Debbie after selling her martial home. Every single tie has been stitched into this quilt to create an eyecatching design. The quilt has been backed and binded in shirting fabric to link in with this tie quilt.

If you are interested in Lisa stitching you a bespoke quilt, visit my commissions page to see lots more quilt ideas, or click Bespoke quilt info for further details.